Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One more day please

Today was supposed to be our first day back, but.......on Monday afternoon it started to S.N.O.W. Well, as you can guess I started wishing, hoping, and then thinking it might actually happen!!! I needed to change the bulletin board outside my room. I had intended to go to school one day over the break and take down the old board and put up new paper. However, I never made it to school. SHOCKING, I know!! So, I decided that this was my last chance. I headed to school to change my paper {I was preparing to make a Cara inspired board} for my New Year's bulletin board. Well, while I was changing my board out I got the call. NO SCHOOL!! YEAH!! I think teachers are as bad as the kids sometimes. I love what I do and I missed my firsties, but I wanted one more day!

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